Neolinux and code

Neolinux is a modifed and cut down version of Redhat, it also has additional drivers for the sis sound chip. It seems that name resolution is bit of problem with the default setup though, see panel below for a dirty fix. Neolinux has NFS client support, so its possible to use it with an NFS server, it also has wget to make life easy when it downloads patches. It makes heavy use of ramdisk and symlinks so can need a little care to figure out which files are "real" and which ones are compiled or symlinked in during boot.

Make name resolver work
Dissable name resolver cache daemon
	mv /usr/sbin/nscd /usr/sbin/

Stop rc code from overwriting resolv.conf by commenting out line    
	vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts.default/ifup-post
    	# maintain permissions
    	#cat  > /etc/resolv.conf
Disable rc code resolv.conf regeneration
	vi /etc/rc.d/init.d/network
	change DNS_PATH="/etc/resolv.conf"
	to DNS_PATH="/tmp/resolv.conf"

Remove symlinked file
	mv /etc/resolv.conf /etc/

make real file
	vi /etc/resolv.conf
	add "nameserver IP-of-lan-dnsserver"

Neolinux comes in many flavours, to simplify for people who just wish to play ive knocked up a few downloadable binaries. Neolinux contains wget, so its possible to download these directly onto the box like this ........
Linux 2.4.21 (NEO-64F9D1) (ttyp0)

login: root
Welcome to NeoLinux
[root-64F9D1 /root]# 
[root-64F9D1 /root]# fsunlock 
Unlocking the / filesystem...done.
[root-64F9D1 /root]# 
[root-64F9D1 /root]# wget                

100%[============================================================================>] 693,050        2.08M/s 

12:24:32 (2.07 MB/s) - `aumix' saved

[root-64F9D1 /root]# fslock

In firefox to download the binary right click and select "copy link location", or right click and "save as"
Package Source Statically Linked binary
  mpg123 mp3 player package, modified makefile   mpg123
  aumix Audio mixer control, modified makefile   aumix
  UUCP tools, uncluding call unix "cu",modified makefile   cu

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