My take on Toner Transfer PCB production, Its bollocks !

After two solid days, 8 failed boards, numerious funny smells and burnt fingers I sadly report that making PCBs with toner transfer is frankly bollocks.

It MIGHT work for some people, with some paper, on some printers with specific toner - but for me, with my priner and numerious different types of paper I can report that it doesnt work worth shit. I've tried copier paper, magazine paper (3 types) , label backing paper (best so far).

It almost works in many different ways. If I put the paper through the printer enough times to get enough toner to put down I get a fuzzy image on the paper, and even worse the toner spreads when heated. If I put the paper through once I get a nice image on the paper and a soft washed out image on the board. I've tried varying times, i've tried standing on the iron. Watching utube vidoes of others sucess just rubes salt into the wound.

Five days laying out artwork for nothing, I will have to have the boards produced professionally just to see if they work. Now I remember why I gave up electronics....


How do they do it
Doesnt work for me
Life sucks, then you die

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